Coated Bullets for Competitive Shooters
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High Performance Bullets for Competitive Shooters

All of our bullets are available in 8 different colors.
Match your gear, show your flare, or just turn heads.
Red & Pink shown above.
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The quest for a better bullet ends here.

Competitive shooting is our passion. Unfortunately, it's an expensive hobby, which doesn't always appease our wives. A divorce doesn't sound all too cheap, either. In an effort to shoot more and train better, we began exploring ways to lessen the financial burden of trying to make it to the top of our sport. We started off reloading (on a Hornady AP) which ultimately brought us to learning how to also cast our own bullets. We began experimenting with different coatings to get a consistent bullet that didn't foul our barrels or leave a nasty residue on our hands and dies. Nothing on the market won us over, so we created our own!

After a lot of experimenting and consulting with various chemists, we came up with a recipe for a coated lead bullet that delivers smokeless performance, virtually zero lead fouling, and is extremely accurate. The major benefit, though, is cost. We were able reduce our cost per round by almost 50% compared to copper plated TMJ's without sacrificing any performance. If anything, the accuracy is better — but we might be subconsciously trying a little harder knowing our bullets are in the chamber. Regardless, when we step up to the box, we know we can depend on our bullets.

We founded Bullet Dudes to pass along the same savings we've been enjoying to our fellow competitive shooters. We hope this enables everyone to shoot more and shoot better while serving as evangelists for our great sport! Each bullet passes our rigorous quality control practices ensuring you get a bullet you can depend on each and every time you pull the trigger.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all Bullet Dudes bullets!

Our return process is simple: either login to your account online or give us a call to obtain a pre-paid shipping label with your RMA number on it. Once we receive the unused portion, we'll credit the money back to your original payment method or give you a store credit — the choice is yours.

We know you'll love our bullets. If you're not quite convinced, here are a few more benefits of each and every Bullet Dudes bullet. If you're still not convinced, go ahead and order one of our sample packs. If they don't work for you, we'll buy them back!

  • Available in a variety of colors to suit your style or needs!
  • We use only the highest quality lead that passes our rigorous standards. We don't add any fillers to our lead. Pure lead for pure shots.
  • No crazy smoke clouds common with cast bullets.
  • The permanent lubricity of coating means no wax to gunk up hands and dies.
  • Eliminates virtually all lead fouling in the barrel.
  • The coating provides a TMJ-like shell while enabling us to keep the lead inside softer for ultimate performance and reliability.
  • Non-abrasive coating that is PTFE and MOLY free.
  • Safe to use in all Glocks with polygonal-rifled barrels (my platform of choice despite the plastic).
  • Works perfectly in automatic bullet feeders.
  • Our coating offers a superior protection against lead exposure.
  • More rounds down range, less time trouble shooting, and cleaner guns and air make it the perfect choice for the serious shooter!
  • Members of USPSA, IPSC, IDPA, 3 Gun Nation or NRA receive 10% off all orders! Give us a call to attach the permanent discount to your account.