Coated Bullets for Competitive Shooters
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High Performance Bullets for Competitive Shooters

All of our bullets are available in 5 different colors.
Match your gear, show your flare, or just turn heads.
Red & Pink shown above.
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The quest for a better bullet ends here.

Let me first start by saying I have the utmost respect for Hi-Tek coated bullets. I have had the opportunity to speak with the chemist behind Hi-Tek on several occasions, and I have talked to Donnie from Bayou Bullets (thanks for all your advice, by the way) on several occasions as well. Hi-Tek coated bullets are awesome, but we at Bullet Dudes were wanting something just a little more.

After thousands of hours of R&D and thousands upon thousands of rounds downrange, we landed on a bullet alloy and coating recipe that allows us to offer a FMJ-like bullet for a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional F/T-MJ projectiles. We use a high quality lead with no add-ins to produce a much softer lead projectile that allows the barrel’s rifling to do its job efficiently while reducing the overall wear and tear on the barrel itself. The rifling does not strip through our coating; the coating itself has a built in elasticity that allows it to absorb the force of the rifling but strong enough to stay intact upon impact. This makes our bullets perfect for all types of shooting, including hammering steel without fear of ricochet (when common sense is used).

Our special coating process allows us to add any color we want to the bullets as part of the final stage of the process. We do not paint our bullets! The coloring is derived from a pigment added to the final coat giving our bullets their unique appearance. We offer 8 “stock” colors, but we’re happy to match any color you’d like if you decide to order 2,500+ bullets. Through trial and error, we found we get the best coloring when we leave the base of the bullet uncolored. This also helps us achieve a consistent bullet length across the board. However, the entire bullet receives an initial coating that covers 100% of the bullet eliminating exposure to lead while handling each bullet.

Our company was founded by competitive shooters to help eliminate some of the overhead associated with training and competing at the highest levels. As such, we are proud to offer ALL competitive shooters — no matter the discipline — a 10% lifetime discount. When checking out, use coupon code comp10 and simply include a link to a recent match result in the memo box, and we’ll add the permanent discount to your account so that every order you place automatically receives your discount.

Our coating does not contain Teflon (PTFE) or MOLY. It is 100% safe to shoot in Glocks. I personally use a G35 as my platform of choice for competition. As such, the majority of our testing included sending bullets down my stock barrel. The chemistry behind our coating gave me the assurance I needed from test round number one that my barrel would not foul up, tear up, or blow up. The coating provides a permanent lubricity eliminating the need for wax. This reduces the smoke cloud common with cast bullets and leaves your hands and reloading dies nice and clean.

Our soft lead pushed us to get creative with our packaging and shipping. Factory ammo is most often hardened so that the bullets don’t get dinged up as they make their trips across the country. Our packaging gets the bullets safely to your door and to your reloading bench without any dents or dings.

You’ll love our bullets! If you don’t, we’ll buy them back. You’ll also find we take a ton of pride in customer service and the quality of every product that leaves our shop. If you have any questions, please reach out via phone, social media, email, or in person at a match near you (we shoot mostly in Area 6).

Yes, we’re the new kids on the block, but we’re veterans when it comes to casting and chemistry. Let’s shoot some stuff!

For those who demand perfection:

  • Softer lead offers less wear-and-tear on the barrel and allows the rifling to do its job more efficiently.
  • 100% safe to fire in all Glocks!
  • Available in 8 different colors to fit your game.
  • No crazy smoke clouds common with cast bullets.
  • Permanent lubricity nature of coating means no wax to gunk up hands and reloading dies.
  • Eliminates virtually all lead fouling in barrel.
  • FMJ-like coating offers the best performance for a fraction of the cost.
  • Non-abrasive coating that is PTFE & MOLY free.
  • Works in any bullet feeder that can feed FMJ's.
  • Provides superior protection against lead exposure and zero lead exposure while handling.
  • All USPSA, IPSC, IDPA, 3 Gun Nation and NRA members receive a 10% discount on all orders!